Course Description

You have invested too much in your business to waste your effort on a team that is disengaged. You deserve to work with people who are invested in your business; who are motivated and interested in contributing to your success.

This is a 6 module course given over a 6 week period.  Plan to have about 1 hour of course and exercise materials per week and a 30 minutes weekly discussion with your instructor. 

Owner & Senior Course Consultant

Philippe Dubreuil

I have been an educator for over 28 years of which most was spent as a corporate trainer where I trained administrative and executive staff of Canadian and international corporations in the performance of their duties. I also had the opportunity to work for 3 years in counselling drug addicts at a drug rehab centre in Quebec. I have spent over 10 years as an executive consultant of which the last 7 year was spent as a consultant in practice management for health care professionals. I have done extensive training in troubleshooting organizational problems that hinders growth in companies as well as in human resources as an establishment officer. My passion: To help others achieve their true potential.What drives me: Empowering others in achieving their goals and dreams.My background as a corporate trainer and practice management consultant makes me the ideal person to isolate and terminatedly deal with the factors that would impede your company from expanding and achieving your goals.I am excited to work with you!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Module #1: Introduction

    • Welcome to course!

    • Let's get to know each other!

    • Presentation of the course content

    • Time to schedule your coaching calls

  • 2

    Module #2: The Rules of Engagement

    • Staff Engagement and Discretionary Effort

    • Exercise: Evaluate your staff on the scale of discretionary effort

    • De-mystifying Personnel Engagement

    • The two views of human nature

    • Exercise: Are you tending more toward management style X or Y?

    • The Factors of Personnel Engagement

    • Staff Engagement Level Checklist

    • Exercise: Evaluate your staff on the Staff Engagement Level Checklist

    • Eight Strategies You Can Do Right Now That Will Drive Up Employee Engagement

    • Exercise: Work out how you can apply those strategies

    • Module 2 recap

  • 3

    Module #3: What Blunts Motivation & Engagement: Know your Enemy (no, it's not your staff!)

    • The factors of disengagement

    • Factors of disengagement: Disagreements

    • The Factors of Disengagement: Policy Violations

    • The Factors of Disengagement: Failures to Communicate

    • Factors of Disengagement: Failures & stops on one's job.

    • The Factors of Disengagement: Negativity, Rumors and other Toxic Elements

    • The Factors of Disengagement

    • Exercise: The Factor of Disengagement

    • Failure & Stops = Disengagement

    • Practical Assignment

  • 4

    Module #4: Not All Staff Were Created Equal: The Toxic Personality

    • The 5 Types of Personnel

    • Actions Speak Louder Than Words

    • Exercise: Evaluate 2 of your staff against points 1 to 8 of the above article.

    • The 6 Types of Toxic Personalities

    • Download: The 6 Types of Toxic People

    • Dealing with a toxic personality on your staff

    • Exercise: How to spot a toxic personality

    • Staff Correction & Discipline Protocol

    • Module 4 Wrap up

  • 5

    Module #5: Aligning All Vectors to Create a Juggernaught

    • Introduction to Module 5

    • The importance of coordination

    • Exercise: Improving coordination with your team.

    • Values and Engagement

    • Test the strenght and efficiency of your mission statement

    • Aligning your Staff Engagement with your values

    • Values-Assessing Engagement Tool - Part 1: Values

    • Values-Assessing Engagement tool – Part 2: Mission

  • 6

    Module #6: Final Module - Brainstorming and Strategic Planning Session

    • Scheduling your brainstorming and strategic planning session